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The Next MRUG Meeting Is On Tuesday May 15th 2018

Visualisation special!

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Tuesday May 15th 2018

Networking from 5.45pm. Presentations from 6.15pm. Approx finish time is 8.30pm.

What is the agenda?

For the next meeting we are running a visualisation special!

You can expect an exciting set of presentations around the use of visualisation, virtual reality technologies, and augmented reality technologies within the architectural, engineering and construction Industries. We hope to have equipment available to us on the evening so that you can get hands on with some of the technologies to better understand them.

Introduction to Revit Materials by Matthew Fuller, BDP

To produce quality visualisation outputs efficiently, you need a library of good materials to apply to your Revit models and families.
This 10 minute overview will demonstrate some basic principles and best practice for creating materials and material assets, and for sharing them with others in your organisation.

Realtime Rendering for Revit with Enscape by John Warburton of Northmill Associates Limited

Live 1st person exploration of the model is a growing trend within BIM. Why spend ages on a still rendering when you can walk around your project and explore options in real time? Enscape is not the most complete, sophisticated or beautiful rendering plug-in, but it is easily the simplest to use. This puts control of renderings and model presentation back into the hands of the designers - a most powerful advantage.

VR, AR and MR Headsets by Matthew Fuller and Alex Shovelton, BDP

We introduce you to Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality headsets, their Revit use cases, pros and cons, and (hopefully) live demonstrations.

Break and an opportunity to try the headsets

• Google Cardboards with your smart phones - prep your smart phone with Kubity app ([Apple] [Android]) prior to the meeting
• HTC Vive with Enscape
• Mixed Reality (headset tbc) with Steam VR and Revit Live
• Microsoft HoloLens with (tbc)

VR/AR on the cheap by Alex Shovelton of BDP

How to create engaging interactive VR and AR experiences without expensive software or hardware. A look at how Dynamo can be used to link drawings to VR, how to create virtual tours from Revit cloud-rendered panoramas, and different options for augmented reality on a budget.

Revit Live | Communicating Your Design to Clients by Simon Marlin, Chapman Taylor Architects

A quick sketch is sometimes enough but as technology advances at pace clients now expect to be able to stand inside their buildings while they are still on the drawing board. We are increasingly using Revit Live and stereo panoramas to explain our designs to clients and to design and tech review projects internally. Pro and cons of Revit live and cloud rendering and how we use the software to develop our designs and communicate them to clients.

Target Audience

This meeting is aimed at Autodesk Revit technical staff whom wish to learn more about how others use the Revit software as the core design product in real world projects. The presentations however are not just limited to talking about the Revit product, and others will be discussed where applicable to Revit users in workflow.

The presenters will assume you have used and understand Autodesk Revit to a reasonable level. If you have not, there is still benefit but you may find some elements a challenge to understand. It is for people that wish to network with users of the software.

Topics of project management, standardisation and industry process, such as BIM are discussed in the context of technical delivery

Recommended roles : Architect, Structural Engineer, Building Services Engineer, Technician, BIM Coordinators, BIM Managers, Construction Specialists, Information Managers, Model Auditors, Project Managers


BDP 11 Ducie St, Manchester M1 2JB


Please note, food is now served at the start of the meeting between 5.45pm and 6.15pm. It may not be available after this time

Pre-Presentations Networking A complimentary light dinner with Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks, Beer and Wine Provided
Mid-Break Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks, Beer and Wine Provided
Close After the meeting we will be moving to a local pub to continue the conversation. All are welcome to join (not complimentary)

Registration Information and Form

MRUG operates a registration process that tries to ensure that we can accommodate everybody that wishes to attend.

Airline Style Check In You will be required on the Monday or Tuesday of the week of the meeting to “check in”. This is done by simply replying to the check in request email that will be sent at this time. Therefore it is important that you check your email address when entering. This will generate your joining details. If you do not check in by Wednesday morning, you risk losing your place to somebody on the waiting list. This is very much like booking a flight and then checking in on-line before the flight. This is to reduce the drop out list and free up spaces for waiting list people. Check in will remain open as long as places remain.

One No Show, one Suspension Regardless of reason, if you register and check in and do not turn up, you will be unable to attend the next meeting.

MRUG is free to attend. Everybody must register including previous attendees. First come, first served. Capacity of this event is 75. AEC organisations only.

Please fill out the form below to register your place for the meeting. All details for this meeting are listed above

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Registration is now open